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Vattenfall cuts customer service operating costs by 35% with DialOnce visual IVR


Reduce customer service operating costs

Reduce customer service operating costs

With the opening of its market to residential customers in 2018, Vattenfall is facing a sharp increase in the number of customers and interactions. 

Against this backdrop, the company launched a customer relations transformation project in 2021, with the aim of reducing cost to serve by improving service quality. 

Implementing an omnichannel orchestrator from the visual IVR proved to be a wise choice to manage customer contact paths according to context.


  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Improve service quality
  • Switch calls that do not require the intervention of an advisor to digital channels
  • Optimize First Contact Resolution

To get there

To achieve this

As a first step, Vattenfall deployed the omnichannel orchestration platform to:
Direct a customer/prospect wishing to contact them from their website to the best resolution pathway
Offer a customer who calls to be directed to a digital solution (selfcare or alternative contact solution to the telephone)
Suggest to customers who contact us by email that they too be directed to a digital self-care solution.

In this way, via a single platform centralizing intentions and solutions, Vattenfall can manage all contact paths to promote First Contact Resolution.

To achieve this

In a second phase, in 2022, Vattenfall has collaborated with DialOnce to offer its customers a more spontaneous experience by proposing a natural language qualification pathway, through the visual IVR already in place.

Customers can now converse naturally on the digital interface, or let themselves be guided along the suggested path.

Initial results are very encouraging: customers seem to prefer the warmer side of the conversation, and the verbatim feedback collected enables the company to considerably improve its contact paths.

Results in 3 key figures!

NPS 40 pts Vs 5 in 2021
CSAT 90% Vs 70% in 2021
Cost to serve 35% Customer service

""One of our priorities is to enable our customers to find answers to their questions completely independently and at any time. In partnership with Dialonce, we've been able to build adapted paths and thus offer our customers an innovative digital experience.""

Joëlle Mamecier

Head of Customer Relations Center Management

orchestrated channels


Customer account



Arnaud Bailly shares the customer relationship strategy of Vattenfall and DialOnce

Listen to the REX

Interview d’Arnaud Bailly, DGA de Vattenfall France

In 3′ you'll be able to discover the customer relations strategy of this customer-centric company, with details on the implementation of customer contact paths and the benefits generated.

You'll also discover the challenges of the A/B testing campaign on guided versus free customer journeys, in natural language!

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