So much more than conversational intelligence

Our bot makes it possible to control end-to-end contact paths and provides an omnichannel view of the business

Connect your chatbot with all your business tools

Embrace your customers' preferred channels with DialOnce: omnichannel bot and customer relations

Adopt your customers' favourite channels

Our bots welcome your customers wherever they are and support all customer relations channels, including messaging tools such as whatsapp or Google Business Messages. 


We can also provide you with a visual IVR to digitise incoming calls.

So easy! No code - Vision +

The builder

Your tool for building and developing your career paths

Design your customer contact paths in real time and in just a few clicks, with no development skills required! 

A simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed especially for those in the trade!

The reporter

Your tool for exploiting and managing your contact paths on a daily basis!

A dashboard with over 80 KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of customer journeys in real time. 

A report centralising the main benefits of the solution for management  

A detailed analysis of omnichannel paths to measure the effectiveness of existing paths and solutions on a daily basis.

Deploy the omnichannel bot that reflects your brand !
Custom demo

100% compatible, 100% omnichannel

Agnostic omnichannel platform

Our platform pairs seamlessly with all customer relations tools: CRM, live chat, inbound email, IVR, CcaaS, to provide you with the very best in omnichannel orchestration and optimum management of your customer service.

Exchange with your preferred solutions

Customer communication revolutionized by Axialys and the DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Integration of Genesys and DialOnce’s omnichannel chatbot for optimal customer service
Innovative contact management at Kiamo with DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Odigo boosted by DialOnce omnichannel chatbot integration
Microsoft is connectable to DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Salesforce and DialOnce: a powerful duo for omnichannel customer relations
Orange Business and DialOnce integration for enhanced customer service to the omnichannel bot