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Banque Populaire optimizes customer relations with DialOnce's omnichannel chatbot
Improving customer service at Chronopost: the impact of DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
BNP Paribas enhances customer experience with DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Bpce’s digital shift: adoption of DialOnce omnichannel chatbot for better customer service
Crédit Agricole Nord de France uses DialOnce’s omnichannel chatbot
La Poste and innovative parcel tracking with DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Customer advice at Fnac Darty with DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Vattenfall innovates in customer service with DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
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Optimizing costs 20% on average
Promote digital adoption 20 pts on each channel
Mastering channel usage 100% omnichannel

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Customer service optimization with Worldline and DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Salesforce and DialOnce: a powerful duo for omnichannel customer relations
Odigo boosted by DialOnce omnichannel chatbot integration
Microsoft is connectable to DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Innovative contact management at Kiamo with DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Integration of Genesys and DialOnce’s omnichannel chatbot for optimal customer service
Customer communication revolutionized by Axialys and the DialOnce omnichannel chatbot
Our customers talk!

"Since implementing DialOnce, we've seen a 30% reduction in interactions and gained 40 NPS points!"

Arnaud Bailly
Arnaud Bailly
Executive Vice-President, Vattenfall France

"Today we are convinced that there is a causal link between the implementation of DialOnce and the return to green of our indicators."

Etienne Cornet
Etienne Cornet
Contact Center Director

"DialOnce offers us a real solution! When customers call the corresponding number, they can finally get an answer to their query by being redirected to the DialOnce application."

Raphaël Colas
Raphaël Colas
Responsable du pôle satisfaction client

"We've gained 34 reachability points where we'd initially hoped for 15-20. We used to have to put up with our calls: today, thanks to DialOnce, we've been able to restore serenity to our teams."

Laurent Graziani
Laurent Graziani
Customer contact center Director

"Thanks to DialOnce's orchestrator, we've improved our pick-up rate, seen an increase in the use of selfcare for order tracking and repair follow-up, and improved our unit cost!"

Christophe Framechon
Christophe Framechon
Customer Relationship Director, Fnac-Darty
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