Put the omnichannel bot in the hands of advisors

Use generative AI to improve performance and service quality

Boost their super powers!

Our chatbot for advisors is totally dedicated to simplifying the task of agents with a view to improving the customer experience.
It is based on a triple observation: access to the knowledge abase is often complex, due to its very structure and the multiplicity of tools for accessing it. What's more, advisor training time is often long, and your efforts are undermined by the high turnover you often encounter.

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The Augmented Advisor, DialOnce’s omnichannel bot for smooth and efficient customer service

Help with answers

From voice and digitals paths - Chatbot

For a seamless customer journey, put our generative AI bot in the hands of your advisors; this will enable them to respond directly, without escalation to an expert, another advisor, another channel.

> Suggest a personalized response
> Suggest or take charge of a process (routing to an expert, to another channel, etc.)
> Write a summary

Absorb queues

From email - The mailbot

To relieve your advisors of the burden of processing emails, install our mailbot at the front end and spare them all the emails that don't require their expertise!


> The mailbot finely understands the intent of the message and can respond directly.
> The mailbot finely understands the intention and, depending on the level of the request, can put the message back in the queue or suggest routing to another queue, an expert, etc.

Relevant answers in all circumstances with DialOnce: omnichannel bot and customer relationship
Enhanced advisor experience with DialOnce's omnichannel bot and generative AI for quick and accurate support

Symmetry of attention

Enhancing the advisor experience to improve the customer experience

Assisted response via generative AI is a great help to advisors, who save precious time!
 The omnichannel bot enables them to access the expected answer very quickly, without having to search the knowledge base or write a new answer.
AI can also take care of the escalation process to an expert, or directly propose the right answer or process.


> Transformation of the advisor experience
> Increased productivity 
> Accelerated training

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