Give them the means to be truly autonomous

How can omnichannel bot and generative AI be used to improve your performance?

A single point of contact

DialOnce's Visual IVR and its role in enhancing customer relations with omnichannel bot usage

Visual IVR

Customer usage - From voice

If the customer's point of entry is voice, the Visual IVR offers the possibility of switching calls to an autonomous digital path (Selfcare) or to a digital path with human resolution (live chat, email, form) through the omnichannel bot. 

Read an example of a Visual IVR pathway 
Crédit agricole Nord de France optimizes reachability and sales productivity with DialOnce's visual IVR

Omnichannel Bot

Customer usage - From digital paths

Digital journey, from app, site, messaging:
If the entry point of the request is on a digital channel, the omnichannel Bot responds directly, in natural language, from generative AI or, if necessary, directs to the right resolution channel.

Listen to how Darty digitalizes all its digital paths (mobile, app, messaging, QR code, emails, website).

DialOnce's omnichannel bot enhancing digital customer experiences
Adapting your uses to your needs?

Your challenges are our challenges

Optimization of the customer relationship with DialOnce’s omnichannel bot for performance management

Management and performance

Offer the right tools for fine-tuned control

DialOnce's omnichannel bot also uses its intelligence to exploit data from conversations and contact paths.
In this way, the supervisor can obtain a very fine-tuned view of his or her activity across the different contact paths, and adapt it as necessary.


> Optimized contact paths
> Human resources are better allocated
> Performance is improved

Customer experience

Surprise him, make him truly autonomous

Your customers just want to be autonomous, as long as they can use their preferred media and get a quality response from the very first contact. Offer them generative AI, and you'll reap the rewards:


> Improved customer experience and NPS
> Lower processing costs
> Accelerated digital transformation
> Adoption of selfcare

Customer experience